Surrey photographer tips on video

8 Top tips for social media video content

Feb 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

Here are some top tips on improving how your social media can have the best looking video content.

Surrey photographer tips on video

The quickest, most economical and easiest way is to upgrade your phone. No fancy camera required.

When looking for a new phone

Upgrade near the end or at the end of your contract. Sometimes you will offered a reward for staying with your phone provider.

Check the phone has front and rear cameras

You need as much storage as possible. Unless you are recording directly into the social media app . eg instagram, TikTok or linked in the videos will take up storage on your phone.

You want as many mega pixels as you can afford. The highest number megapixels is 50MP – this is pretty hefty for a phone. Better than some digital cameras.

A selection of cameras on the phone is also recommended. I really you should have a main, telephoto & zoom. This will help you create a variety of photos.

A range of options for video can help you create slick looking films. iPhone has cinematic mode. Android has portrait video or directors view. This means you can record a scene with the subject in focus and the background blurred out.

The higher the quality the footage the better it will look when you share it. Not forgetting that some social media apps and WhatsApp squish footage. 4K video at 60 frames per second is great. This will brilliant quality footage.

To be super slick look for a phone with image stabilisation to steady the shakes.

I hope this helps. Let me know which phone you go for in the comments.




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